WordPower: The Great Equalizer


In the past, the gun has been called the great equalizer and for good reason. However, in this information age of corporate and government culture wordpower is a much more powerful asset an average person can attain to achieve a successful and satisfying life. 

Just as the firearm took away the advantage of physical size and athletic ability the knowledge of words takes away the advantages of birthright and formal education. This is because this knowledge is not just trivia stored in your brain it actually increases your thinking speed and power. In the words of Johnson O’Connor, the foremost researcher on the subject, “Words are the tools of thought”.

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to bringing this realization to the consumer through products that can make it efficient and easy to gain this vital knowledge. In contrast to conventional thought, this knowledge is not innate or genetically tied, so anyone can improve in this area. However, it is not easy! That is why I have been working with technology to perfect the best processes to help consumers attain this knowledge.

The WordPash word game mobile app uses data and techniques developed by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation by testing more than one million clients. This rich database can only be found in WordPash, nowhere else!

The famous American educator Horace Mann, 1796-1859, wrote “Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery”. If one examines what he meant by education in his day was very different from our educational system today.

A cursory look at a fourth grade primer expecting these students to know thousands of words that the vast majority of our college graduates have never even heard. The primary emphasis was gaining a large word knowledge. They all studied Greek and Latin which are the two primary sources of medium to difficult English words. Not to discount the other rigorous study of Math, Science, and History but the quintessence of their education was word knowledge because to learn anything one must know the words being used to explain the new subject. A look at our educational system today reveals some shocking revelations.

College education hardly increases the wordpower and 25% of college degrees do not even pay back the cost over the lifetime of the student (Peter Cappelli, professor of management Wharton) We must understand that lack of a strong vocabulary leads to poor reasoning skills.

WordPash is the easiest and most efficient and fun way to begin acquiring this essential knowledge base. Other apps for building word knowledge from the toddler level up are in prototype. The great equalizer of the 21st Century can be available to billions of people in the world.

Please contact me David Kay at Knowledge Crunch

Email: davidk@wordpash.com


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