We all want to use our natural talent. Whether our talent is in music, engineering, art, or writing there is evidence that these innate traits or aptitudes are motivators and in the proper circumstances can produce feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and joy. In 1925, Johnson O’Connor was the first to begin rigorous study of natural or genetic traits which he called aptitudes. For the next 40 years he tested nearly a million people and defined and corroborated 19 aptitudes from this research. While discovering various human talents he studied spelling and vocabulary, and found that these skills were not aptitudes, were not genetically linked, and could be learned by anyone. Even more importantly his research on vocabulary, or what he called “general knowledge”, was the gateway or the prerequisite to one’s ability to use their aptitudes productively and successfully.  This principle holds ,without exception, the most successful people in all professions have the highest general knowledge or vocabulary. This is why we created Word Pash. It takes the difficulty out of learning new words and improving your vocabulary. Word Pash teaches you knew words while you play a fun and exciting game. Word Pash has vocabulary definitions and fun rewards you can attain as you traverse multiple levels to achieving coins gems and points. Give Word Pash a try and play the hot new word trivia game to see where your vocabulary takes you.

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