Why having a high Vocabulary is essential

Word Pash

It is no mystery that in order to be taken seriously in life you have to have a high vocabulary. Knowing what words to use and when to use them can often make the difference between getting a job, getting into the right degree program, or even making the right connections. If you can navigate the English language you can navigate your own success.

Johnson O’Connor, a leading researcher on how vocabulary shapes success and author of “The English Vocabulary Builder”, found that almost all successful people carried with them a high sense of vocabulary. But how do you get this high vocabulary without reading boring books for hours on end or memorizing the dictionary?

The answer is Word Pash. WordPash is your key to success. Word Pash is the only high tech device to utilize, Johnson O’Connor’s state of the art technology.
But how does it work? Word Pash is just like any trivia game. You are presented with a challenge or question and asked to choose the best answer. The difference and advantage with Word Pash is that the words are ordered scientifically from easiest to hardest so it is effortless and fun to play.

As you play Word Pash you will begin absorbing words without effort or memorization. Word Pash has 105 hours of recorded audio so you will have the perfect pronunciation as well . Word Pash doesn’t just throw words at you either, the game is an immersive experience where you race to beat the games 172 levels and amass coins and gems to buy powerups, audiofiles, and challenge your friends with your new vocabulary in multiplayer.

Have fun with Word Pash and see what you can achieve.


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  • Gracye said : Ah, le series finale… La fin d’une époque… Devant quoi je vais manger mes plateaux repas maintenant ?Merci pour ces quatre fabuleuses saisons de Mario Maso riches en vocabulaire (notamment sur les synonymes de femmes à péage à la vision limitée), en notions alternatives du temps qui passe, en fails, en dauphins, en remarques piquantes et épiques, en invités exceptionnels, en pièges tordants et tordus, et j’en passe…Tout ça va me manquer.Bonne cotunntanioi… December 25, 2016 | Reply