Tommy’s Job Hunting Journey

job huntingA classroom is like a box of chocolates, filled with surprises. Each kid possesses a unique personality and traits. You won’t know them, until you peep into their behavior patterns, hobbies, interests and routine habits.

Tommy was one such kid in his middle school class, academically he was an average student. He did not stand out in any of the extra-curricular activities either. He hated being on the stage or in front of the mike. Tommy was pretty shy, he never danced in birthday parties. He had a handful friends, who he counted on for companionship.

Like other parents, Tommy’s parents had set a goal for his life. He was told to study well, get good grades, go to good college and get a job! The expectations were really not sky-high, after all, every individual is expected to land in a stable career. We assume, the path to a good career is good education. His parents worked hard to pay for tommy’s private school fees, with a hope that, after growing up, tommy would find a suitable job.

Education instilled discipline in tommy, it taught him the value of getting things done on time and also empowered him with the ability to read and write. But the question here is, was he able to to comprehend what he was reading and writing? Did he learn the art of exploring and troubleshooting?

If he did, why was he unable to explain what he wrote in his test papers? One day, his dad thought of discussing the life cycle of a frog. Though tommy had answered this question in his test, he could not explain the process to his father.

Ideally, this should have alarmed tommy’s parents. But they thought, he lacks communication skills, but he understands the concepts well, because he passed the test. This episode was ignored.

Well, his parents thought, once he jumps into the career pool, he will pick up the tricks of the trade on his own. They were also under the impression that knowledge is of prime importance and understanding the math and science is more the key to a good career.

Years passed by, tommy grew up. After graduating with a degree in management. His parents were proud of him, and now the next step was to get a good job and move up the corporate ladder.

After months of job hunting, emailing resume to several employers, tommy heard back from only a few of them. Which included the job of customer support, help desk assistant at a hotel and a waiter at a restaurant in the locality. Amongst the three interviews he attended, he was offered only one job. It is sad, but tommy ended up working as a waiter.

Most of you will probably think, tommy is another educated guy, who fell prey to under employment. But a vital dimension you cannot miss is tommy’s low vocabulary. When you do not have word knowledge, it decreases your ability to express your ideas clearly. Although, he understood the concept well, he was unable to impress the employers in the way he wrote his resume or with his approach to them in the interview process.

According to the research conducted by Johnson O’Connor, studied two large group of students. Both groups had the same level of vocabulary. One group went to college, the other went into the workforce. After four years, both group’s vocabulary increased to the same level on average. Therefore, college had no effect on the wordpower of students.

Tommy falls in the category of kids who went to college. He had knowledge, but his inability to express his ideas and explore the job market and develop new skills left him in a job that was unsatisfying. Clearly, tommy was left groping for a better career path.

Due to shortage of words, tommy always found it hard to speak with clarity. Usually parents ignore such weaknesses in kids and primarily focus on getting good grades. But it is the overall development of the child, that matters the most. And knowing more words is an inperative aspect of it.

Which is why, we recommend playing our word game app, WordPash to acquire word power. You can play it on Facebook as of now on laptops and desktops.

Stay tuned to know what steps tommy took to find a suitable job!…..

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