The American Word Scramble

Language decides one’s destiny, especially in a foreign land. For a girl coming from India, who has had all her schooling in English, settling down in the US, must be pretty easy isn’t it? Well, it is not all fairy tale. Although I had my schooling in English, I spoke my native language at home. […]

How Words Transformed TOMMY

To illustrate the value of understanding words the story of  Tommy comes to mind.  His whole life changed starting in the 6th grade but I will start this narrative much earlier in his life so the reader can appreciate the context.  At the age five Tommy was an energetic child growing up on the Santa […]

WordPower: The Great Equalizer

In the past, the gun has been called the great equalizer and for good reason. However, in this information age of corporate and government culture wordpower is a much more powerful asset an average person can attain to achieve a successful and satisfying life.  Just as the firearm took away the advantage of physical size […]