Love and Word power

Word Power can save your marriage

Whether you’ve married a childhood sweetheart, a best friend from college, an office colleague, or someone the dating site matched your personality with—differences of opinions between a husband and wife are unavoidable.

We are just off the Valentine’s Day love cloud. Gifting flowers, chocolates and going on a dinner date is almost a ritual on the 14th of Feb. But if you really want to make your relationship last longer, then you probably want to give the gift of word power to your better half.

Word Power can save your marriage

Here is why, last week, while I was cleaning up my office closet, my eyes fell upon Johnson O’Connor ‘s research paper that indicated about how word power can make a big difference in making a relationship work.

Word knowledge gives people the power to have clarity of thought, express themselves in a non confrontational manner, without hurting the ego of the other person. And a rich vocabulary also bestows an individual the power to think faster. All these abilities are vital ingredients needed to be a good communicator.

Making a marriage work is all about effective communication. When one person is able to express better and the other person is not, consequently, the process of interaction may fail, further leading to an abyss between the husband and wife.

I always wondered why my friends who are doctors look out for life partners who are doctors. It is because they have similar word knowledge and find it easier to exchange ideas and have discussions.

Word Power can save your marriage

Well, jokes aside! But scientifically this makes a huge difference to relationships.

When it comes to marriage odds of success are not always equal. There are various metrics that define the success of a married couple staying committed together. According to an article published in, someone gets divorced every ten to thirteen seconds——so that means, while you are reading this, someone got divorced!

Going back to Johnson O’Connor research, one way of fixing incompatibility issues is by matching up to the word power of your partner. Words can help you express your emotions with clarity, so it is important to increase your vocabulary. This will help you communicate better.

Wordpash app is a great way to learn words and build word knowledge. WordPash is the easiest and most efficient and fun way to begin acquiring this essential knowledge base.


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