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Build 085 Changelog BETA

BETA – Version 085 – Facebook Features Initial beta release Fixes N/A Known Issues [MULTIPLAYER] Match via invitation is currently under review [MULTIPLAYER] Match screens are currently using placeholder graphics and visuals BETA – Version 085 – iOS Release TBD

Inequality and Words

Harper Lee’s famous novel , “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, juxtaposed racial prejudice and the justice system in a small southern town. Readers experienced the sad truth of entrenched inequalities in the application of the law. By most measures the legacy of Harper Lee, now deceased at 89, and other pioneers in literature and politics […]

Love and Word power

Whether you’ve married a childhood sweetheart, a best friend from college, an office colleague, or someone the dating site matched your personality with—differences of opinions between a husband and wife are unavoidable. We are just off the Valentine’s Day love cloud. Gifting flowers, chocolates and going on a dinner date is almost a ritual on […]

WordPower: The Great Equalizer

In the past, the gun has been called the great equalizer and for good reason. However, in this information age of corporate and government culture wordpower is a much more powerful asset an average person can attain to achieve a successful and satisfying life.  Just as the firearm took away the advantage of physical size […]

WordPash Equals Fun

WordPash Equals Fun

Whether you play solo, with your friends, or with Facebook challengers, WordPash is fun.  After playing just a few rounds you will find yourself wanting to play the next level or go back to get all the stars on the previous levels, or earned virtual currency to be taking the speed challenge, “Fast 5”.  The […]

WordPash…..  the easiest way to increase your word trivia knowledge

WordPash….. the easiest way to increase your word trivia knowledge

Search the inter recesses of your word trivia knowledge to pass each level.  Get hints from vast audio archines where the pronunciations sometimes will get you through your level.  Or, use powerups on difficult items, to get more time on that item or eliminate two choices, improving your odds.  Anyone from fourth grade and up […]