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WordPash is a free-to-play mobile app game for everyone in the global audience whether you are a 3rd grader or PhD, wordbuff or a student studying for their SATs, foreign student or international business person, you will become addicted to this fast paced word game. Wind your way through more than 150 levels, earning virtual currency to help you along your way.

About How to Play

In Word Pash every player begins the game at level 1, the easiest, and moves up one level after scoring at least one star at 90%, for two stars at 95%, and three stars for 100%.  Each correct answer and each star earns you coins in the game.  Playing with your friends wins you additional bonus coins.

Challenge Your Friends Challenge Your Friends

  1. Dare your friends to a challenge
  2. Test your friends
  3. Share your best performances
  4. Make suggestions and rate the game

Testimonials Review of customers

  • Janet Reed Proud Mom My son had already taken the ACT twice and received the same score. After using the Word Pash app he was able to increase his score and qualify for academic scholarships at major universities. I am totally pleased with his progress and this product. He did have to make a commitment to using the product, but once he did, there was no turning back. I would absolutely recommend WordPash to anyone who is thinking about attending college and is looking to increase their financial aid opportunities through academic scholarships.
  • Okwaro Raura Learning English
  • Meishan Cheung Business Executive Business Executive
  • Layla Lea Student
  • James White Little Boy

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